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Urban Building Solutions specialise in the reinstatement of both residential and commercial premises for insurance claims.


Our wealth of experience allows us to work directly with many of the major insurance companies in Australia. Having been appointed onto the panels of top insurers including CHU and SUU, and loss adjusting firms, we are the go-to for many quoted jobs, makesafe repairs and assessment reports. UBS has worked on over 12,000 claims from securing a door after a break-in, to a complete building reinstatement of a fire-damaged factory – covering every aspect of the rebuild.


Urban Building Solutions fully understand that an efficient and professional project, delivered on time will allow all parties to benefit from the goodwill generated by a satisfied customer.


Whether by working out of hours to coordinate the works around the customer’s requirements or supplying samples of building materials to reassure the customer that the works will be reinstated to the condition prior to the incident, we understand that this extra attention to detail will minimise the impact during this stressful time as we aim to minimise the disruption to home and business owners.


Urban Building Solutions provides a full range of insurance building services including:


  • Detailed inspection reports

  • Safety inspections

  • Emergency repairs and damage minimisation

  • Restoration & cleaning

  • Building reinstatement

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